About Us

The Rubicon is the place to find relief from the pain, devastation, and loss that addiction causes.
Partner with us to reclaim your sense of self, heal the shame you are carrying, and create a satisfying life of recovery.
Come join our intensive outpatient program (IOP) and find the serenity you deserve.

Meet The Team

John Rundquist, CEO

Education: B.S., Human Services, Metropolitan State University
Licensure: Licensed Alcohol &Drug Counselor (LADC)
Clinical Experience: Inpatient, Outpatient, Aftercare

His Clinical Perspective
“I provide leadership to The Rubicon with vision, integrity, and humility.”

“My passion is for supporting those recovering from the pain of substance use with compassionate, client-centered care.”

“Recovery is possible for all who commit to their recovery, partner with caring, knowledgeable clinicians, and give themselves adequate time to heal.”

A Personal Perspective
“I will create a space safe for you to share your story, process your pain, and learn new ways of being. Together we will discover your path to a meaningful recovery.”

John Newman, Treatment Director

Education: M.S., Clinical Mental Health, Winona State University
Licensure: Dual-licensed
Clinical Experience: Inpatient, Outpatient, Sober Living

His Clinical Perspective
“I am particularly interested in the role the client’s values play in the recovery process. Every individual is different; one’s personal vision of a good life must be the starting point for psychotherapy.”

“I work closely with my clients to discover their personal vision and to help them develop the cognitive skills necessary to achieve it.”

A Personal Perspective
“I bring a compassionate, evidence-based perspective to the therapy process. Past clients have told me they appreciated my directness, empathy, and knowledge of the recovery process.”

Sydney Fletcher,
Administrative Assistant

Education: B.S., Public Health, St. Catherine’s University

A Personal Perspective
“My systems development and organizational skills help the CEO and staff to effectively manage their workload and meet compliance requirements which allows them to focus on the most important aspect of the clinic – our clients.”

Are you ready to cross your Rubicon?